rescue team

  1. LSGindus

    Confined Space Rescue Team Kit: FOR SALE

    Kung kayo are parte ng isang rescue team at ang kalimitan niyong operations ay sa mga confined spaces, pwedeng pwede sa inyo itong inooffer ng LSG Industrial & Office Products Inc. na 'Confined Space Rescue Team Kit'. Ito ay kumpleto na mula sa harness, pulleys, carabiner, ropes, bags, tripod...
  2. LSGindus

    CMC Fall Protection Available at LSG

    If you are looking for fall protection and rescue equipment such as belts, harnesses, auxiliary equipment, carabiners, pulleys, bags and packs, you can call LSG Industrial & Office Products Inc. at (+6345) 649-8150 or email at We are one of the distributors of CMC Safety &...