Pilot Scale Glass Reactor price

HJ Non Jacketed Glass Reactor with best price.
Basic Description
1. We offer a wide range of Non Jacketed Glass Reactors with volumes from 10L~200L , Non Jacket Glass Reactor with heating and cooling source circulating in jacket.
2. Non Jacketed Glass Reactors are applied for heating and cooling synthesis reaction in vacuum tight condition.
3. It allows you to draw vacuum from the outer jacket, thus protects your recirculating fluid temperature and gives you best control over your work.
4. Reflux, distillation under vacuum, separation, rectification, crystallization are also available with related configuration.
Reaction Volume(L)10L20L30L50L100L150L200L
Jacketed Volume(L)6L8L10L13L18L23L28L
Glass MaterialHigh Quality Boro Glass 3.3
Supporting FrameSUS304 Stainless Steel (can be coated by PTFE)
No.of Lockable CastersSwivel Caster with Lock
Inter and OuterLower-Inlet and Upper Outlet
The Ground Clearance
of Discharge450mm
Neck No. on Cap6
Glass Vessel Working Temperature-80掳C ~ 250掳C
Temperature DisplayPT100 Sensor, Digital Display
Temperature Tube桅24
Vacuum Degree0.098Mpa
Reflux(Distilling)Reflux-Elbow and Glass Feeding Switch, 蠁50 spherical Ground Joints
Dual-Reflux Condenser桅100*670H mm桅120*640H mm100蠁*800H mm120蠁*840H mm
Speed ControlFrequency Governor, Stepless Speed Control
MotorDurable AC Induction/ Explosion Proof/ Air Driven Motor
Speed DisplayDigital Display
Mixing Speed0~600RPM0~280RPM
Motor Power120W180W150W370W
Power Supply120W180W250W370W
Vacuum Degree DischargeVacuum Gauge
Discharge ValveZero Dead Space Bottom Drain Value
Dimension (mm)52*52*20056*56*21056*56*23056*56*24561*61*250125*85*292130*90*340
Net Weight68kg80kg88kg93kg125kg160kg190kg
Turnkey Package
1) Heating&Cooling Circulator with dynamic temperature control
-20C, -40C, -60C, -80C to +200C
2) Water Air Aspirator Vacuum Pump
50L/min, 100L/min pumping speed and -0.098MPa Ultimate Vacuum Level
3) Recirculating Chiller
-20C, -40C, -60C, -80C, -100C, -120C
Condenser1. Condensation area can be customized
2. Receiving flask capacity can be 1L, 2L, 5L
Feeding Funnel1. Jacketed Feeding Funnel
2. Powder Feeding Funnel
Supporting Frame1. SUS304 type.
2. Supporting Frame coated by PTFE
3. Electric Lifting for the parts which above the glass lid
4. Leftward Rotation of Reaction Glass Vessel (160掳)
Glass Lid1. 7 Openings (Vacuum Port, Temperature Probe, Stirrer, Feeding Funnel, Condenser, Material Feeding Port, Cleaning)
2. Other openings according to your request
Glass Port1. Ground Mouth
2. Convex Ball Ground Mouth
3. Flange Mouth
Motor Type1. Explosion Proof Motor (Level: ExDIIBT4)
(We can provide you the explosion proof Certificate)
2. DC Brushless Motor
3. 180W, 250W, 370W, 550W, 750W motor
Back Temperature Probe1. In-vessel temperature probe
2. Replace temperature probe with a glass stopper
Front Right Vacuum Port1. Glass Vacuum Port with on/off Valve
2. Replace Vacuum Port with a glass hollow stopper
The Port at the Bottom of Glass Reaction Vessel1. 鈱€80 mm (Oblique outlet: 鈱€30mm)
2. 鈱€100 mm (Oblique outlet: 鈱€50mm)
Vacuum Setup1. No Pump
2. Diaphragm Vacuum Pump (Anti-corrosion, 60L~120L/Min pumping speed)
Chiller for Top Condenser1. No Recirculating Chiller
2. Recirculating Chiller (-20C, -30C, -40C)
We accept any customization request. Please email us and we鈥檒l bring values to you!
More Customization User Cases:
1. PH Control or PH measurement
2. Automatic feeding or discharging by peristaltic pump or gear pump
3. Ultrasonic dispersion
4. Nutsche Filter
5. Reaction Vessel can be max rotation angle with 180掳and lifting with max 400mm distancePilot Scale Glass Reactor price